Work and Aesthetic Vision

Since a kid, I’ve loved to paint; really be knee-deep in color. It is an expression of the spiritual world, the love and the joy that I believe always surrounds us.

I value spontaneity very much. I work to music and work in movements like a composer of music. I think that the tempo in which paint is applied, the precise transitions in both texture and color are what gives a composition unity and strength.

Some paintings are mostly about color, some are nature fantasies, and some become meditations and carry the atmosphere of my inner life.
When collecting images I try not to plan or to have conscious thoughts about what they will become. If flowers are blowing in the wind, I do not hold them. Often the image that comes from the periphery is best.

While a romantic, I embrace the tools of our time. I’ve great respect for the history of my craft but I see myself as an explorer looking forward to the evolution of human perception. I love having the privilege to do this work and enjoy its’ challenge.



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